About us

Nature & HD is a website with high-quality archive images easy to navigate and search for photos thanks to a wide variety of collections. Hundreds of high-resolution stock photos added every week available for almost any purpose.


Our mission
Our mission is to help you tell your story using creative imagery.


Our Values
Quality: What we do, we do well deliver our very best
Keep it simple: What we make should be easy to use. A strategy we have succeeded with.
Innovation: Better solutions that meet new requirements, or existing market needs.
Integrity: We are consistently open, honest, and have high ethical standards.


Company Information
Nature and Human Development is registered in Norway, and is based on Norwegian company legislation. Organization number: 921 696 701

Ruby Kollerud is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nature & HD. Ruby received a PhD from the University of Oslo. She is a scientific always been interested in new technologies and open towards new ideas.